have you seen my knitting mojo?

It’s about this tall, 8 years old and usually helps me complete those oh-so-useful sweaters? Anyone?

Despite a number of in-theory fascinating & useful knits on the needles, I cannot seem to find my knitting mojo. Is it summer? Is it the crazy-nutso-s*** of a month I’m having? (yes, it gets worse – I can’t shake this cough and my baby had a crazy allergic rash from the medicine he was taking for his double ear infection. I took yesterday off to panic over his every breath. June, are you here yet? Please be kind to me.)

What usually knocks you off stride? Any secrets for digging out of the rut?

So, what is languishing on the needles, you ask?

I did at least manage to finish the sleeve on Sylvan’s sweater. It’s way. big. photo (1)

I guess that’s good. He’ll be able to wear it until he’s 4 – and it might take me that long to finish.


Me-Made May Update

My May Challenge: Clean out my wardrobe so that I’m only left with things I love and will regularly wear. Ideally, this will leave my handmade clothing easier to find and in the rotation more often. As a secondary task, I also intend to identify holes that I’d like to fill, and create a master plan to sew/knit to fill them.


I started the process! This feels like a huge victory, given that the first half of May has been some crazy-nutso-s***.  (And actually, the rest of it will probably continue in the same vein. We kicked off our first craft fair of the year at work, immediately afterwards I got super sick,  and Toddler and I completed the weaning process. Now we’re gearing up for hosting MakersFest, and the very next day I start teaching my first-ever fiber camp for kiddos, together with supervising my first-ever employee!).

In other words, it feels so good to bring a little order and space to my life through my Me-Made May challenge. I’m feeling more ruthless than usual, so this whole box? This whole box is going. I am purging  more than 20 articles of clothing. Some of it doesn’t fit (thanks, motherhood!), and much of it just doesn’t fit my emerging sense of self (thanks, motherhood!). I’m not that college kid who needed a drawer full of witty t-shirts anymore. I’m into the professional-work-blouses and leggings-are-the-best* stage of my life.

It’s a stage I’m loving as much as, if not more than, I enjoyed the t-shirt stage of my life. And do you know what? I have worn something handmade almost every single day this month. I’m kind of basking in the accomplishment of having created a good core of handmade items that genuinely fit my life, my sense of style, and my drawers.

So  we also tackled the task of thinning our book collection, rearranging the living room, and pruning our possessions in every room of the house.

Nothing like a little bit of overkill to keep the momentum rolling, am I right?

*This seems to be a stage with a really broad demographic, actually – teen hipsters & moms alike. For me, the only really practical way to dress up is to make sure that I am ready to hang out on the floor at a moment’s notice. Thanks, leggings!

when you have to say goodbye

One of the most precious resources in my life right now is my mom friends. I’m so new to this Mom Gig, and I would never have made it through this first year without the wisdom, humor, support, and deeply-considered parenting techniques of a few key people (yes, I’ve shamelessly stolen said techniques to keep my head above water).

One of those dear friends is moving soon.

ballew baby hat
I made this hat for their newest Little One. In hindsight, a woolly hat for a baby born in late spring is maybe redundant? Oh, well. My knitting heart triumphed on that one.

I’ve done a lot of moving in my life, and the hard truth about me is that I don’t keep up long-distance friendships. It’s a huge triumph if I get on the phone once a year with my childhood best friend, or every six months with my brothers. And my mom friends? We’re all introverts.

So here’s the question, knitting geniuses. Is there something I can knit in the next, say, two weeks that will say, “I will probably never call you but by golly I will never forget how awesome you are”?


Madelinetosh Madness

Madelinetosh Madness – in my head, it’s the knitterly version of March Madness, except with yarn, and in May. This color, or that color? You practically need a tournament to decide.

You know where this is going, right? Pictures of beautiful yarn.

Tosh DK in Cousteau
Tosh Vintage in Cousteau


Tosh Vintage in Tart, edging in Tosh DK Charcoal
Tosh Vintage in Tart, edging in Tosh DK Charcoal

Both yarns are becoming/have become Garter Stitch Cardigans. The Cousteau is destined for my Little Dude, and the Tart was finished just in time for a good friend’s super-new Little Dude.

My Little Dude did the work of modeling the gift cardigan in color Tart.
Don't you love having the perfect buttons? I found these at a thrift store for $1.00, and they were so stinking perfect.
Don’t you love having the perfect buttons? I found these at a thrift store for $1.00, and they were so stinking perfect.

This is a super-serviceable sweater pattern. Mom made one when S was born, and he’s been wearing it for at least six months. It started as a long-sleeved sweater, and as Little Dude has grown, it’s become a great short-sleeve sweater when layered over a long-sleeved onesie.

A word of caution, though! This sweater’s sizing runs large. Particularly around the chest. The six month size started to fit really well at a year, and the 12-month size is still pretty darn big at 14 months. Mom and I both made it extra-long so that it could be worn for longer, and omitted some of the directed shaping (see my ravelry project for all the notes).

Your turn to dish! If you’re making something with Madelinetosh this month, post a link to your rav project page or blog. Make me jealous that my knitting time is so limited.