Finishing Fever


Sorry, friends – as the summer winds to a close, I find myself with writer’s block and a bad case of Finishing Fever. There are about a million projects laying around my house 70-90% done, and I just need to put in the effort to bring them all to a close. A little gruntwork, clear the board, and then I can tackle fall and winter knitting projects with a clear conscience.

Speaking of which, leave me a recommendation for your favorite baby sweater. A few are scheduled to make their debut into my circles in the next 3-6 months, and I kind of hate repeating myself. I’d rather branch out and try some new designs!

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My training as an artist encourages me to see knitting as a canvas for all kinds of surface design, so I'm teaching myself to grade patterns and hope to release my first collection soon. I'm currently raising a Little One, and working knitting in wherever it fits!