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when i lost the buttons, then found the buttons, then my power went out, and then…

It’s done!

Actually, to be completely truthful (always advisable, right?) I finished it months ago.

And then I lost the buttons. And then I found the buttons, and I lost the backing buttons and grosgrain ribbon.

And then I found them all, but was busy with other things. Still am, in fact. The buttons are collected on my dresser and the sweater sits near the couch, and last night, my power went out for 4 hours, and I didn’t feel up to attaching buttons by the light of a flashlight.

Stuff like that keeps happening.

Also, it’s huge on Sylvan, so what’s the rush?

photo (1)
Finished with the knitting but not the details

Check out this adorable ABC grosgrain ribbon.


Icord bindoff (is it just me, or does it seem like it should be iCord? THANKS, APPLE!) is a nice detail for a heavier garter sweater like this. I’m happy with how that came out.

So much activity in my life that I can’t summon the will to buckle down and attach a few buttons.  I don’t even have a kid old enough to go back to school. You parents of older kids have my respect (and best wishes for your sanity right now).

Also, if you’re handling the seasonal transition well, what’s your secret?


have you seen my knitting mojo?

It’s about this tall, 8 years old and usually helps me complete those oh-so-useful sweaters? Anyone?

Despite a number of in-theory fascinating & useful knits on the needles, I cannot seem to find my knitting mojo. Is it summer? Is it the crazy-nutso-s*** of a month I’m having? (yes, it gets worse – I can’t shake this cough and my baby had a crazy allergic rash from the medicine he was taking for his double ear infection. I took yesterday off to panic over his every breath. June, are you here yet? Please be kind to me.)

What usually knocks you off stride? Any secrets for digging out of the rut?

So, what is languishing on the needles, you ask?

I did at least manage to finish the sleeve on Sylvan’s sweater. It’s way. big. photo (1)

I guess that’s good. He’ll be able to wear it until he’s 4 – and it might take me that long to finish.