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Baby Sweaters x3

Malabrigo in color Impressionist Sky (pretty sure)

Let me tell you which baby sweater pattern has been getting a lot of use at my house lately: Tiny Rocky Coast by Hannah Fettig.

Now that the baby shower is over, I can show you the finished products! I knit one for each of my sisters-in-law, and one for a good friend. I knit one each month, in fact, in October, November, and December, from Malabrigo I had in stash (pretty proud that this is in line with my Make More with Less theme for the year).

Malabrigo color Stonechat

The buttons, it turns out, are what makes a tiny sweater unbearably cute for me. They can make it look pretty or professorial. Tiny Rocky Coast doesn’t call for buttons, but for a 3-month-old, I really feel that it is more practical to have them.  ErikSweater1

Let me also say that I am sick, exhausted, and can’t think of anything else relevant to say about these projects. So here are some more pretty photos, and I will see you on the flip side (of whenever I feel better). CharleneSweater6 CharleneSweater2 CharleneSweater1

Malabrigo in color Eggplant

DanielleSweater4 DanielleSweater3 DanielleSweater1


slow fashion: LOVED

There’s one thing that I don’t understand about the knitting world: the concept of knitworthiness. Basically the concept is this: you don’t want to knit something for someone who doesn’t care two beans about hand-knit items, or won’t take care of them the same way you would. The implication is, even if you love someone dearly, the theory is, that doesn’t mean that person is inherently knitworthy.

I disagree.

I super love giving gifts to people. My first memory of my mother’s birthday (I must have been 3 or 4), was being given some money to walk next door to my grandmother’s book store and buy a gift.  I chose a t-shirt with a gigantic, sparkly pink flower (sorry, Mom).  It was so fun that I begged to do it again and again.  Pretty young, I started saving up my allowance to buy gifts on my own. Gifts and art supplies. Best of both worlds, I sometimes saved up to buy supplies for making gifts for people. We had a really fun Christmas one year, when the family budget was tight, and we all decided to either make or thrift things (or make with thrifted things, or thrift art supplies, double-espresso-shots of fun).

I can’t remember anyone ever being in the least unappreciative about what I made or gave. I never heard anyone say this is not what I wanted until well into adulthood – 23 or 24, I think (and in that case, it was truly helpful feedback, and easy to change, like I appreciate the shoes but these are not the right size). My childhood embroidery is framed and hanging in my parents’ bathroom, or was for many years. A painting I made in summer camp hangs in my grandparents’ house, even though of course it’s super childish. I don’t know if my brother has ever worn the stranded-colorwork-binary-coded scarf I made for him, but he was super sweet about the effort. People who love you? They’re going to understand that you make things out of love, and they’ll appreciate the gesture. And if you’re good, as you get older, you get better at identifying what giftees want, and giving better gifts (hand made or not).

So for this week, during #slowfashionoctober, let’s start thinking about Slow Gift-Giving.  The people you love are knitworthy. They are giftworthy, basically, and if you want to, you should just freaking make them something without worrying if they’ll dry clean it or not, or whether you’re wasting the many hours of making (although no pressure, man, you can’t spend 20 hours making a bespoke pair of jeans for everyone you love every birthday).

I’ve started thinking about this, and the people I want to make for this year, because there are, as I’m writing this, 83 days until Christmas, and I have a few special gifts planned for my Little and his BFF. Wish me luck with my time management, and good luck to you in any of your gift-making!

Gift or Grinch?

Whew! I completed a knitting commission this week, and learned something very important about myself.

the knitting commission

When I’m busy knitting something on a deadline for someone else, I dream of a thousand more new designs than when I’m actually working on a new design.

So this yarn cake, and that yarn cake, and that blue, and that cable, and this lace, and that sweater, oh, and a giant lace and beads project… those are all getting cast on this week (or at least charted, so I can evaluate their design-worthiness).

I'm casting on the Tassel Hotel Wrap from Knitting Architecture. Yarn is in Knit Picks' Shadow Lace yarn in color Midnight Heather
I’m casting on the Tassel Hotel Wrap from Knitting Architecture. Yarn is in Knit Picks’ Shadow Lace yarn in color Midnight Heather. I’m adding beads and including it as part of the #summeroflaceandbeads knitalong.

I’ve been super inspired this week by the brain trust which is Instagram’s knitting community – so you can follow the daily progress of my knitting over there. I’m hashtagging the #grinchalong, the #summeroflaceandbeads, #projectsweaterchest, #knitsonik, the #sssalong (Selfish Single Skein knit-a-long), and #matchymatchykal.

Considering Lauriel by Ysolda Teague as one of my #grinchalong projects
Considering Lauriel by Ysolda Teague as one of my #grinchalong projects

Although I am doing mostly selfish knitting at the moment, there are a few gifts on my radar. I bought most of my Christmas gifts at the local Guild fine craft fair this year. So although I’m not the one making them, they are handmade and beautiful.

One of my favorite things was a flameworking demonstration by glass artist Jim Byrnes
One of my favorite things at the craft fair was a flameworking demonstration by glass artist Jim Byrnes

What are you knitting now that it’s freezing outside? Leave a link and make my queue explode.