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forward motion

Some folks are happy with a goal-driven all-out sprint towards the holidays with their crafting (I just read my daily dose of Yarnharlot and almost cried, but Stephanie seems to love her process). Some people break into hives at the mere mention of a crafting deadline. I fall somewhere in the middle – I wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t making anything. But I see no reason to let my irrational ambition take over the holidays – because, unfortunately, I do take deadlines seriously.

I limited myself to sewing superhero capes for my son and his BFF, and creating a cardboard stepstool so that he can learn to wash his own hands. Plus I’m making steady progress on a few baby shower gifts that need to be done by mid-January.

As I truck along on those few handmade things, I’m mostly thinking about my theme for next year. In 2014, my theme was “say no” (I had just had a baby, and wanted to create realistic expectations of what I was going to get done). In 2015, my theme was “say yes” (try new things, meet new people, accept a challenge again).


I’ve done well with both of those things. I set ruthless priorities in 2014, and it’s actually become kind of a habit to think, “Is this necessary to my creative life, does it contribute to the family, does it strengthen my relationships?” and if not, I just say no, with ever-decreasing levels of guilt.

And of course, in 2015 I published my first sweater design. Challenge accepted and enjoyed. I also tried yoga, started guest blogging for Lancaster Transplant, and I made an effort to meet new people and invest more love and energy into my existing network of fabulous folks.


Both of those were necessary resolutions to my creative life – when I stopped and looked at it carefully, the only ones that made sense. So what’s necessary this year?

I think it might be “more with less.” Or maybe it could be rephrased as “do the best with what you already have.”

In the micro: I have a yarn and fabric stash to work from. I have the incredible Creative Reuse Center nearby. I want to take creative aim at spending less money with less intensive use of new materials in my work.

In the macro: I have been given enough resources, skill, and support to make a life I’m really happy with. I often lose sight of that, feeling like there isn’t enough time or money to go around, or mismatching my ideas with my reality. But really, truly, I can and should focus on using what I have in the best way possible.

Please tell me I’m not the only one examining and re-examining my life as I stitch. What are your themes and thoughts for the holidays and the new year?


becoming a writer again

Something about falling in love made writing irrelevant to my life. We exchanged letters, my sweetheart and I, and I did not need to write anything else for any other person on earth.

Now that I’m a mother, I find myself turning to writing again. Maybe because this new love in my life doesn’t read, and maybe because it suddenly feels important to preserve some thoughts to be read someday far in the future.

Not that my son will ever be interested in reading my mostly-knitting blog.

That’s OK. It’s been good to start evaluating sentences again, to start feeling out which words feel authentic, which are overkill, and slowly discover (after a few hundred words) whether or not I have anything important to stay.

In an uncharacteristically bold move, I even volunteered to start blogging for a local organization called Lancaster Transplant. I admire the work they do of connecting people to their place (a place I really like!) – and decided I would like to lend my (tiny) storytelling capabilities to strengthen my community.

And you know what? They actually said yes, please blog for us. 

You can read my first post for them now - on my first time taking Sylvan to the park.

Enjoy! Or not, if you would just like a quick knitting fix. (Lovely yarn below, just for you. )

Yarn Hollow brand yarn in stripey autumn colors
My Yarn Hollow sock yarn has worn really well for me – so I’ve been squishing this skein a lot lately and dreaming of patterns – any recommendations?