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Chocolate Chai

While Mackenzie is using her acute night vision to work on her lace and bead shawl, I have created a new beverage – well it may not be new but it’s new to me and I thought it up this morning when I got out of bed: Chocolate Chai.


I bought some Bengal Spice Chai tea and found that if I heat up milk in the microwave and steep a chai tea bag I have chai tea made easy.  When I woke up this morning, I thought “why not add chocolate to the chai tea?”  So I mixed up some powdered sugar with a little cocoa powder and added it to the steeped chai tea.  Voila!  My tummy was very happy this morning.

My brain is always thinking of ways to change something.  I never follow a recipe, I try recipes never tried before on company (they are, of course, improvised out of the gate). This also holds true for my knitting.

One example is this Color Affection scarf I knit for Mackenzie.

Color Affection by Veera Valimaki in sock weight yarn

The pattern called for changing the colors every other row, but I found that my colors were similar enough that they blended too well and the striping effect was lost. I knitted 4 rows for each color before changing to make the stripes more distinct. It was a small change that made a big difference.

Flexibility and learning skills that help the execution of my ideas are my latest goal. I just finished watching a Craftsy class that was fabulous: Sweater Surgery. I feel so excited to think that the sweater that I have almost completed for my son Aaron will fit him in the end – regardless of how it fits him initially.


The problem with knitting for others is the fit issue. I took measurements prior to starting the project, but failed to obtain all the ones I needed – part of the learning process. Because of this class, I now know how to lengthen or shorten, widen or narrow an item after it has been completed. When I finish assembling this sweater, I will post the pictures of how it fit initially and then keep you posted on the adjusting event. Now I can look forward to Christmas, and the anxiety cloud that follow me wherever I go is much smaller. I think another cup of chocolate chai is in order.