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slow fashion: think small

Isn’t it ironic that the topic this week for #slowfashionoctober – SMALL – strikes me as one of the biggest? I could talk about sustainability, sewing for my son (sewing small things is so cute), how I deal with fabric/yarn stashes (or not)… but let’s start with one of the small, everyday reasons I love the idea of having a small, intentional wardrobe.

I don’t have any closets.

This is a slight exaggeration. My husband just built an upstairs hallway closet for coats and things (in a nook created by old, defunct chimney – it’s brilliant).

The end result of this is that I constantly feel that my drawers are very full. As you can imagine, this helps me question whether I really need this or that, and to clear out items I do not wear regularly, and ensure that everything matches very, very well.

I have to give massive credit, again, to Sarai’s wardrobe-planning blog series for helping me to think about colors, shapes, and my style in a very focused way. Turns out it’s basically gray, brown, pockets, and hand-knitted pops of fall color. I wear dresses with leggings, and short-sleeve blouses for work that I can layer with my handknit sweaters.

My husband is also very intentional about his wardrobe – he basically has a uniform: khakis, button-down white shirts, a few flannel shirts, a few heavier sweaters always made from the same vintage pattern. He always matches, he always looks classy, and he never has to think about what to wear.

He’s been holding on to one old, holey pair of jeans for several years, though – his favorite pair to date. They’re not made any more. We kept thinking, we could turn them into a pattern and re-make them, but until recently, neither of us had those sewing skills.

This year, since I’m feeling cocky about my first pair of jeans actually fitting, I decided to pull those holey jeans apart and use them as a pattern for a new pair, for his birthday. I ordered some khaki/jeans material from Mood Fabrics (how genius is their order-a-swatch-for-a-dollar thing?). Unfortunately, because of my insane schedule, I had to package them up unfinished – without hems or button-hole (and I won’t be able to finish them until late in October).

He was still happy. And he now has a bespoke jeans pattern, all his own, for as many more pairs as he would like.



P.S. Seamwork Radio launched a few weeks ago – and I really enjoyed the first episode! Put some sewing in your ears!

Me-Made May

I’m all abuzz with current events. MadMay (post coming up on that one!)? Me-Made May? I’m about to drop from the excitement of being relevant for once in my life.

But really, Me-Made May is awesome. The 1-2-3s go like this:

1. Create a personal challenge around your handmade clothing items. The most common one is, wear something you made each day in May.

2. Do the challenge, all month long!

3. Participate in the community. There’s a shared Pinterest board, a shared Flickr group, and a hashtag (#mmmay15). Be inspired by lots of other makers.

I am working my way through Colette Patterns’ Wardrobe Architect series (I went through 2014, but am following along more slowly as the 2015 series is released). So I structured my personal challenge around the most difficult task I’m faced with:

Clean out my wardrobe so that I’m only left with things I love and will regularly wear. Ideally, this will leave my handmade clothing easier to find and in the rotation more often. As a secondary task, I also intend to identify holes that I’d like to fill, and create a master plan to sew/knit to fill them.

But let’s not get crazy. This little guy may have something to say about how much time I’ve got to devote this month!

baby plays with yarn winder
Teach ‘em to love the yarn-winder while they’re young! Also, hats. Hats are kind of his jam right now, even though it’s starting to get warm. The hat pattern is the Pebble | Cliff Hat, and the sweater is the Gramps Cardigan by Tin Can Knits.