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Queue Review*

*idea of a queue review stolen from… Karen of Fringe Association, I think?

I’m entering that stage of the summer. You know, the stage of the summer where even thinking about knitting seems kind of… strange. So I thought maybe a queue review (queue is an awfully hard word to stop typing, don’t you think? queueueueueeue….) would bring back a little inspiration.

You know what, though? All my working through the Wardrobe Architect series makes me look at that list and feel… bored. It’s full of items that I’m not sure I will love love love.

Maybe that’s because it has an embarrassment of riches (87 items) on it?

Maybe it’s because none of the projects have pockets?

Maybe I feel I should be working on putting out my own patterns right now? Since that is, ostensibly, why this blog exists?

It did inspire me to do 2 things, though:

1. Cast on Hitofude in this lovely silver Cascade Heritage Silk

2. Finish the Deco cardigan. Yes, I know, I’m the one who made the decision to frog and re-knit a different size. But damn, knitting it a second time is just not as fun.

deco_cardiganI’m going on vacation soon, and so help me, the Deco Cardigan will be done and in my bag (the bag of things to wear, not the one of things to knit).